What is SEO?
October 3, 2016

Does Design trump SEO?

Many people like to think that Design alone will allow your site to be found over SEO. Is that true? Surprisingly, the answer is not what you would expect.

Any more SEO and Design have to go hand in hand. In April of 2015 Google released a new standard that many called “mobile-geddon”. The basic premise of the update to its search results was that if your site was not mobile responsive, then you would drop out of rankings on mobile devices. Here are the many ways that it can hurt your and your business:

  • 60% of all searches are done on a smartphone. That is 60% of your customer base.
  • Everything from where the closest tire shop to buying something online from a retailer is done on mobile
  • America has more mobile searches than any other country on earth

This can affect your bottom line no matter what industry you are in. If you are selling something online, over half of your customer base is mobile. If you are in the service industry at all, over half of your jobs are tied up in mobile. Being able to be found on a mobile platform is something that you should take into heavy consideration when looking for a developer on your website. It can affect your bottomline significantly.

Bottom line, Design and SEO should be one.

When I first started in the digital landscape SEO was not something to consider. All you had to do was figure out some keywords and design a site and you were in business. Now that is not the case. Design should be the best that you can get. It ties everything together in what Google calls “User Experience.” And you better believe that Google ranks your site based on how your site looks and how it lays out for the viewer to see. However that does not mean that you can ignore SEO and have as successful of a site as you could with having SEO and design in harmony. If you are having issues with deciding one over the other, Call Dwyer Designz and see how we can tie the 2 concepts together and help you rise above your competitors. For more on SEO please see our other article on it.

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