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Step 1

After agreeing to work with Dwyer Designz, one of our designers will call and go through a checklist of information with you. Things like do you have a logo, do you have colors that your brand identifies with? After these questions, we develop a Scope Of Work. Basically a document of what we will be doing.

Step 2

Design: This is where the real magic starts. Designer and developer work together to create a site that functions just as much as it is beautiful and tailored to you. We want your site to work flawlessly and quickly. Sites with a faster load time see more traffic.

Step 3

SEO: The hard part. This is where we monitor traffic behavior on your site. Are people dropping off, or are they moving on to the next page? Are they on the site for seconds, or minutes? Where did your site visitors come from? How can we maximise that traffic and exposure?

Step 4

Return on Investment: The sweetest reward. Our clients see a massive return on investment when a site is performing how it should be. More traffic, more interest, more profits. That is the goal for every Dwyer Designz site. We strive to ensure that our clients see a noticeable increase in profits.

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We analyse your needs carefully

Our goal isn't to seel you on an overly complicated site that you don't need. We want to make sure that the site we are building you is specific to your needs. Alongside Web Development, we offer hosting, SEO, and e-Commerce solutions. Call us for a no obligation quote for your project.

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No matter what your digital marketing needs are, Dwyer Designz can help you attain those needs. our hosting solutions offer a 99.99% uptime ensuring that your site is available when your clients are looking for your services. Call us today for quote on how we can improve your digital presence.

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